The Legend of Joan of Arc (2019)

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This marionette film has been licensed by the local government of Vosges to be screened daily at the official Joan of Arc museum in her hometown of Domremy, where the film had its premiere. The Classics in Miniature® Award-Winning Puppet Film Series presents The Legend of Joan of Arc. Written and directed by Steven Ritz-Barr, it is a groundbreaking project five years in the making with an international cast and crew and never-before-seen cinematic marionette action involving dozens of exquisitely detailed puppets handmade by Russian Master Puppet-maker Eugene Seregin.

3 thoughts on “The Legend of Joan of Arc (2019)

  1. I thought it was very well done but too short so the true story was abbreviated and rearranged. It captured the essence of her story though and I though the facial characterizations were especially good.

  2. If you think that puppet shows are only for kids, this film will change your mind. Not long into this short film, one forgets they are puppets and becomes engrossed in the inspiring story. The director/puppeteer skillfully combines stories about Joan along with historical evidence to present the legend as an entertaining and thought-provoking experience. The costumed marionettes are wonderful works of art. The puppeteer, as a master of movement, light, and screen angles, imbues them with emotion. Watch it for the story; watch it for the art. Oh, and for kids? The battle scenes are violent and amazingly realistic and although I dreaded the burning at the stake, I found it uplifting. I would reserve it for kids in 3rd grade on up who will be fascinated with the art.

  3. I enjoyed this film because it turned out to be filmed as an action-adventure, Not too religious and we’ll told story of a brave young girl. The marionette’s performances allowed you to suspend belief and care about Joan and her quest to free France from the English.

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