Joan of Arc: A Military Leader by Kelly DeVries (2011)

Book cover: Joan of Arc: A Military Leader by Kelly DeVries

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From Library Journal: “…What distinguishes this text from others is its pointed depiction of Joan as a military leader rather than a proto-feminist or saint. A well-known medieval and military historian, DeVries (history, Loyola-Maryland) argues how curious it is that Joan’s career as warrior, soldier, and general has been overlooked. He painstakingly analyzes her impact during the Hundred Years War: her combat strategies and how she overcame the psychology of defeat in the French armies, the influence of her victories in the peace process, and how she destabilized the English military and political leadership. This book should be welcomed by general and academic readers alike.  -Marie Marmo Mullaney, Caldwell Coll., NJ”

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