Purpose and Scope of this Library

Joan of Arc has inspired countless writers and artists over centuries. We want this site to provide a visually engaging, inspiring sampling of accessible materials that invite further exploration. This is a practical public browsing library, not an archive.

What’s emphasized

  • Professionally published books, movies and musical recordings related to Joan of Arc suitable for general public audiences
  • Materials in English available to U.S. audiences
  • Materials that offer instant online access
  • Materials in the New Orleans Public Library’s extensive Joan of Arc collection


What we’re leaving out (we can’t do it all)

  • Websites, blogs, articles and essays related to Joan
  • Older materials that did not attract a lasting following
  • Scholarly materials
  • Self-published materials (with rare exceptions)
  • Rare materials that our website users will not be easily be able to borrow or buy
  • Artwork (images such as book covers used on this site are used solely to promote the published works)
  • We’ll let the French manage their own vast collection of Joan-related materials.


Amanda in the annual Joan of Arc parade costumed as Archangel Michael, one of the three personas through whom Joan heard God's voice.Site editor: Amanda Helm

Leadership team member in the Krewe,

Plays the role of Archangel Michael in the parade



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