For God and Country (Fr. Michael J. Cerrone, 2015)

Author Fr. Michael Cerrone spoke on St. Joan’s 100th anniversary as an official canonized saint in a live webinar Oct. 3, 2020, as part of the 2020 Salon de Jeanne d’Arc.

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From Amazon Summary: “Joan of Arc isn’t your typical saint. Groomed from her earliest years for a specific mission from God, she responded with indefatigable resolve to liberate her homeland. Her extraordinary, heroic witness led countless souls in religious fidelity to God and compassionate charity to others.

In these pages, you won’t simply learn about St. Joan of Arc’s mission and accomplishments; you’ll humbly meditate on her profound legacy of virtue. You’ll discover her heroic and enduring love of God and country a heroism that continues to inspire those who come to know her. You’ll discover how prayer and the Church’s sacramental life gave her the strength to overcome a divided nobility, a discouraged army, and the treachery of churchmen in league with the enemy.

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