Rogue Angel series: The Devil’s Chord by Alex Archer (2014)

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Publisher’s Summary: “In the midst of a lovers’ quarrel on a Venetian bridge, a pair of art thieves loses a priceless, stolen Lorraine cross to the canal’s murky waters. Suspecting a connection between the cross, Joan of Arc and da Vinci, Annja Creed’s former mentor, Roux, sends the archaeologist to oversee the search for the missing artifact. But someone else knows about the cross…knows enough to kill for it.”   Real historical characters Yolande of Aragon and her son René d’Anjou are woven into this story as well as Joan of Arc and Leonardo Da Vinci. From Wikipedia: “Rogue Angel is a paperback series of novels published bi-monthly since July 2006 by Harlequin Publishing’s Gold Eagle division and written under the house name of Alex Archer. Each novel offers an adventure based on history or mythology, with a heavy fantasy slant. Typically, each volume is named for a historical or mythological artifact around which the plot revolves. …In the course of the story, the heroine and the reader often learn a little more about some historical period and the people who lived in it.”

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