French Armies of the Hundred Years War by David Nicolle (2000)


Book cover French Armies of the Hundred Years War by David Nicolle Check this book out from the New Orleans Public Library

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Publisher’s Statement: The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries were a time of great upheaval for medieval France. In 1328 the Capetian line came to an end. This was the trigger for the Hundred Years War (1337-1453) as successive English kings attempted to uphold their claim to the French throne. Catastrophic defeats at Crécy and Poitiers shook the French kingdom to its core. A period of respite followed under Bertrand du Guesclin, but an even more devastating assault was to follow, under the warrior-king par excellence Henry V, and the French disintegration continued until 1429. This book details how the French began a recovery, partly triggered by the young visionary Joan of Arc, that would end with them as the major European military power.

Note: Part of the “Men-at-Arms” series this highly illustrated book (illustrations by Angus McBride) emphasizes armor and weaponry as well as military strategy.

One thought on “French Armies of the Hundred Years War by David Nicolle (2000)

  1. Great for costume planning and re-enactments. Lots of details and pictures about armor and weaponry of the era. Loaded with enough pictures so that younger audiences can enjoy browsing, enough text to engage adults.

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