Joan of Arc TV Miniseries starring Leelee Sobieski

Joan of Arc movie starring Leelee SobieskiThis four-hour television miniseries version of Joan’s story is lavishly produced. In a tiny village during the Hundred Years’ War, teenager Joan d’Arc (Leelee Sobieski) has been raised by her parents, flinty Peter (Powers Boothe) and Isabelle (Jacqueline Bisset), amidst the wreckage continually wrought by British incursions into the area. A devout girl, Joan experiences visions of St. Catherine, which lead her to believe that she may be the “Maid of Orleans,” a mythical figure who will lead France to victory over its enemies. Counseled by local priest Father Monet (Robert Loggia), Joan pursues her destiny in spite of her father’s wishes. At first supported only by lowly commoners, Joan comes to the attention of the Dauphin, King Charles (Neil Patrick Harris). Together with his scheming advisor Bishop Cauchon (Emmy-winner Peter O’Toole), Charles uses Joan to unite his quarreling factions. Skeptical but superstitious, Charles’ generals, including La Hire (Peter Strauss) are eventually won over by Joan’s startling victories. But awaiting Joan is a disastrous Parisian campaign and Charles’ betrayal. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi, New York Times Review

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One thought on “Joan of Arc TV Miniseries starring Leelee Sobieski

  1. My favorite Joan movie. It’s stirring and well-acted with an all-star cast and produced to today’s Hollywood standards, so it’s exciting and watchable, and it stays pretty true to the historical facts.

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