Joan of Arc and the God of the Bible: The Witch That Wasn’t by Chris Snidow (2006)

Book cover: Joan of Arc and the God of the Bible the Witch that wasn't by Chris SnidowBuy from

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Author’s summary: “Witch? Saint? Agent of the devil? Holy warrior? Accused of being the devil’s pawn in 1430, Joan of Arc was eventually burned at the stake for witchcraft. But was she really a witch? …In Joan of Arc and the God of the Bible-THE WITCH THAT WASN’T, author Chris Snidow examines the many parallels and similarities between Joan and the prophet/saints of the Bible, providing striking and undeniable evidence between these powerful witnesses for God. …People have wrestled with the supernatural aspects of Joan of Arc’s case for centuries. But here and now, during this time of increasing New Age spirituality, Mr. Snidow’s scripturally based examination reveals Joan as a powerful witness for the Triune God of the Bible.”

Chris Snidow and his wife Catherine lead pilgrimage trips to France to sites associated with Joan of Arc. Find out more about the Snidows and their pilgrimage trips and CDs on their own website.

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