Warrior Girl: A novel of Joan of Arc by Pauline Chandler (grade 6+)

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School Library Journal: “Grade 6 Up–Left mute after her mothers death at the hands of English raiders, Mariane de Courcey is sent to live with the family of her cousin Jehanne, the girl who will become known as Joan of Arc. Mariane becomes aware of Jehannes visions and becomes involved in her plans to travel to the Dauphin, Prince Charles, and convince him to rally the French to chase the English out of France. In her travels, Mariane realizes that her uncle, Sir Gaston de Louvier, was behind her mothers murder. She searches for her deceased fathers lost seal and travels to her familys estate to establish her claim as its heir. Through letters, Mariane relates Jehannes efforts to motivate the French forces, and she eventually rejoins her cousin during her trial and execution. Chandler uses Marianes and Jehannes stories to paint a picture of life in France in the 1400s, creating a moving account of two girls struggles to be true to themselves. Jehanne is portrayed as pious and focused on her mission, but she has realistic doubts. Other characters mainly serve as background for the cousins stories. This historical portrait will intrigue readers, though the well-known ending of Jehannes story lessens the suspense. A historical note provides a time line of events following the young womans death, though the lack of an authors note about sources and a clear delineation of which characters are fictional and which are real detracts from the overall value of this book.–Beth L. Meister, Pleasant View Elementary School, Franklin, WI”

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