Joan of Arc: The Warrior Saint by Stephen Richey (2003)

Book cover: Joan of Arc the Warrior Saint by Stephen Richey

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Publishers Summary: “Stephen W. Richey offers a unique look at this remarkable woman. Joan of Arc rapidly matured into a true battle commander who spoke forcefully in war councils, made decisions, and gave orders that were obeyed—resulting in a stunning series of victories for her army. She achieved this feat by virtue of her unschooled but intuitive genius for war, a charismatic personality that inspired her soldiers to heroic feats, and her ability to exploit a unique set of lucky circumstances.”

Review from Arthuriana: “”Although one might wonder why yet another book on Joan of Arc should appear, Stephen Richey’s offering does indeed fill a need, for this is Joan as seen not through the eyes of an historian or literary author, but of a modern military-historical researcher who is also a man-at-arms….It is also a very personal book, but unlike others Richey takes care to distinguish his opinions from his factual findings, while meticulously documenting previous research and theories. Yet his discussion is always readable and clear….In the end, Richey, like most other Joan scholars, remains in awe of her mystery, yet not without adding significant insight in a manner appealing to scholars and general readers alike.”

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