Beyond the Myth: The Story of Joan of Arc by Polly Schoyer Brooks (grade 7-10)

ChBook cover Polly Schoyer Brooks' "Beyond the Myth: The Story of Joan of Arc"eck out this book from the New Orleans Public Library 

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“Gr. 7-10. As she did in her biography of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, Brooks provides a spirited and well-researched look at a distinctive woman of the middle ages. Most students probably have a nodding acquaintance with the details of Joan of Arc’s life, but Brooks, using numerous sources, embroiders the basics with anecdotes and interesting profiles of those surrounding the peasant girl. The author sets her scene nicely too, capturing the ambience of fifteenth-century France without overwhelming her audience. While carefully keeping psychological probings to a minimum, an interesting last chapter offers Brooks’ personal thoughts on Joan’s visions. No notes, but an extended bibliography is provided. To be illustrated with photographs and maps. –Ilene Cooper” — Book List Review

Note: The New Orleans Public Library locates this book with regular (adult) nonfiction and there’s plenty of great information in it for adults to enjoy reading, especially adults who want a thorough but quick nonfiction history or find academic books to be a little tiresome.

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