The Lily Maid by Margaret Hodges (grades 2-4)


Book cover: Joan of Arc The Lily Maid by Margaret HodgesCheck this book out from the New Orleans Public Library or from Jefferson Parish Library

Grades 2-4, 1999 illustrated

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From the School Library Book Review: “Gr 2-4 Recently, there have been several picture books and at least one novel about Joan of Arc; Hodges’s retelling of the famous story can claim a niche as a first introduction to this most famous French heroine to a younger age group. The brief narrative includes only the most familiar incidents and anecdotes of Joan’s life in skillfully structured language that is clear and understandable. Like the text, Rayevsky’s illustrations are reduced to essentials. Delicately drawn etchings with subdued coloration, inspired by medieval manuscripts, are placed within bordered rectangles of varied size. ”


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