Joan of Arc by Diane Stanley (grades 4-7)



Check out this Joan of Arc by Diane Stanley book coverbook from the New Orleans Public Library or from the Jefferson Parish Library

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From the School Library Journal Book Review: Gr 4-7-“This magnificent picture book exemplifies the author’s talent for historical research, skill in writing clear and interesting prose, and ability to adopt different art styles and techniques appropriate to her subject. Joan of Arc’s story is both history and mystery. How a peasant girl living in a class-structured century, a female in a man’s world of war and politics, an unlettered visionary in a church-dominated society could change the course of history has been an ever-intriguing puzzle. Stanley finds answers in Joan’s own words spoken before the Inquisition during her trial for heresy and in the 115 eyewitness accounts recorded in the Trial of Rehabilitation held after her martyrdom.Stanley does not answer the question of whether Joan’s role was divine or human in origin, concluding, “Sometimes, in studying history, we have to accept what we know and let the rest remain a mystery.” The meticulously designed pages and colorful, decoratively framed illustrations are full of details from Joan’s era. Decorative banners, costumes, scenes with crowds of soldiers and nobles, rooms with patterned floors, and gabled houses and crenellated castles reflect the bright world of the Flemish art of the late Middle Ages. Joan is pictured as young and serene, an innocent child among a throng of cynical warriors and disapproving priests. This narrative description of the greatest of French saints is a work of art, a good story, and a model of historical writing”.-Shirley Wilton, Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ


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